What's in a Name?


When we started our business we spent many an hour trying to agree on a suitable name, and in the end decided to go route one. Direct, self explanatory and to the point. We're Simon and Sue - and we can help you save money. Simple as that!


The Background


In October 2013 we were contacted by a friend of the family, who wanted to see if she could save us money on our household bills. Having spent years checking out compare websites for the best rates and tariffs, we were pretty sure that she couldn’t help.


Well it turned out that she could, and we could save £345 per year, if we took up all of her services (gas, electricity, home phone, broadband and a mobile).


We were impressed enough to ask about her business, the long and short of it being we decided to take her lead and start our own business just like hers and we have not looked back since.



About us



















 At the time of our decision Simon had been recovering from a serious illness and we both had very

physically demanding jobs and the years had taken a toll on our bodies, so we were well aware we needed a plan B.


Utilising the opportunity that was presented to us provided that alternative plan.

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We do the work

You benefit from the savings!

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Our Services


Whilst we all know that we should regularly check to see if we are getting the best deal with our utilities, not everyone has the time or inclination to look at comparison websites each year, and this is where we can help.


At no cost to yourself:-


We can take a look at what you are currently paying for each of your services.


Ascertain exactly what you are getting for your money.


Get you a quote to see how much you could save.


If you are impressed with the savings as we were, we can transfer your services over.


We do everything for you!


We offer full support to all of our customers by answering any questions and offering practical help.


We remain in contact to make sure you are happy with the service and inform you of any new developments or opportunities.


We're proud to be partners with Utility Warehouse

The Business Opportunity


Perhaps you like the idea of building a business and creating residual income that is willable?


You do a job once and get paid for it every month. Potential earnings of £90 to £240 for each new customer. We'll teach you how.


You build it to suit you, as quickly or slowly as you want to. Training is free and you get as much support and advice as you need.

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Then what happens?


We're well aware that people are cautious about completing forms, in the fear that they will get bombarded with unwanted emails and telephone calls. We understand their caution and can assure you that we will never make this sort of approach. We're extremely busy looking after existing clients and don't really have the time to 'chase' prospective clients who are not interested in our offerings.


However, so many people we've approached have been delighted with the savings we've made - ranging between £60 and £1500 per year.


Can we make savings for everybody? No - we're not magicians, and every client has different circumstances. Our friend saved us £345. You owe it to yourself to check how much we can save YOU.